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How can you guarantee authentic customer reviews? Get Tasty Reviews Pro is an innovative reputation and review management solution for restaurants, pubs and bars. By collecting verified, actionable customer feedback across food, facilities and service, we help to improve your business performance.

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No meaningless star ratings

Star ratings are misleading. Two diners sharing the exact same experience can leave a 4-star and 5-star review. The only difference is opinion! That’s why we use a fair NPS® (Net Promoter Score) system that evaluates multiple scoring factors.


No written reviews

No more trawling through essays to pick out valuable insights. Written reviews are inconsistent and don’t offer measurable data, so their usefulness is limited. Instead, we ask set, multiple-choice questions to collect more specific review feedback.


Private direct messages

Reviewers have the option to send a short, private message (maximum 250 characters) directly to your business, which no one else will see. This allows you to celebrate team success or investigate complaints in more detail, without impacting your reputation.

Why it works

Better business performance starts with smarter reviews. For just £15 per week (+VAT), Get Tasty Reviews Pro privately pinpoints specific problem areas, helping you to improve your business without damaging your reputation.


Build up a fair overall score for your business with customer reviews.

  • Get verified, authentic feedback from real diners
  • Compare reviews with consistent, multiple-choice review questions
  • Gather finite performance data quickly and easily.

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Find out what your customers really think.

  • Assess performance feedback across food, facilities & service
  • Discover which dishes are most popular with menu level insights
  • Pinpoint specific areas for improvement

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React to customer reviews and make changes to futureproof your business.

  • Use honest reviews to inform your business decisions
  • Improve where needed to increase positive reviews
  • Monitor your overall score to keep your business on track

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Strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.

  • Show customers that you care about their feedback
  • Boost loyalty with continuous improvement
  • Attract new customers as positive reviews increase

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Unverified reviews

Standard reviews that can be left by any registered user on the Get Tasty app. A quick, convenient way to rack up more reviews, but they carry the least weight as there is no physical proof of visit.


Verified reviews

Exclusive to Reviews Pro subscribers, verified reviews are the most powerful contributors to your score. They require your unique Get Tasty QR code to be scanned as proof of visit.


Checked-in reviews

Offering social proof of visit, checked-in reviews are generated when users check into your business on the Get Tasty app. These users are reminded to review, even if they’ve left the venue.

Tempting, isn’t it?

Talk to our team about Reviews Pro and find out what your customers really think.

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